Timberlake Plantation. A residential community in Chapin, South Carolina

Welcome TPOA members and visitors !! This is the Timberlake Plantation Owners Association  (TPOA) website. TPOA is the home owners' association comprised of the following neighborhoods:

Club Pointe, Fairway Ridge, Fairway Oaks, Plantation Summit and Overlook Pointe

The goal of the website is to serve as an informative resource for our association members, all visitors, and our local community in general.

In an effort to protect TPOA members' privacy we have restricted access to some of the pages of the TPOA website. TPOA members must first register with the website in order to access these restricted pages, Please read our 'Privacy Policy'.
Only TPOA property owners will be allowed to register and to access these restricted pages.

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Neighborhood News


Please Contact Us if you have News or Information we should post to the community.
November 15th Newsletter Click Here
If you are interested in the TPOA Garden Club, contact Melissa Bianco (807-0742) or Lisette Kosko (960-9313)
Timberlake Country Club - Interested in Timberlake Country Club? click HERE

Safety Note:
The Chapin Police have no authority outside of Chapin. The Lexington County Sheriff Deputies respond to calls from Timberlake Plantation. If you need the police Please call 785-8230, 800-477-3230 or 911. Do not cause an unnecessary delay during in an emergency - call the Lexington County Sheriff's office !

Community News & Events


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Upcoming Events

Santa at TCC
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 Timberlake Country Club 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Bring your little one or grandchild to see Santa.

Welcome New Neighbors
To our new neighbors, WELCOME - We hope you enjoy your new home and the Timberlake Plantation community !!
Club Pointe
William and Mary Ann Jenkins
Brenda and Terry Cosker
Gary Kelly
 Fairway Oaks
James Valentine
Fairway Ridge
Overlook Pointe
Brian and Kimberly Merriman
Plantation Summit
Charlotte Twitty
Fred and Deborah Yandle
Arthur and MaryAnn Viebrock
Michael and Melissa Anderson
Steve and Elena Helgeson - Maring
Frank Hodges and Joyce Radek

Thank You
The TPOA Board would like to say Thank You to the following:
Wayne Smith
Carol Nelson
Pat Rhodes
Gina Baker
Melissa Bianco
Staci Gregg
TPOA TNT Representatives
Rose Marie Schmedding
Lucille Mackin
Bev Brubach



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