Timberlake Plantation. A residential community in Chapin, South Carolina
Architecture Review Board

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) was established to provide direction and control for the design continuity of Timberlake Plantation. The review process was developed to assist with home and site plans.

The primary focus of the review process is to review the exterior design of the building (colors, materials, scale, proportion, etc.) in relation to your lot, and the lots and existing homes in that neighborhood. Another major focus is the protection, where possible, of trees, including those six (6) inches in diameter, as well as firs and dogwoods. A major criterion in our planning is the integration of immediate environment wih our development. Man-made improvements should, as much as possible, blend with nature. The result will be a more aesthetically pleasing community in which we all live.

An online version of the TPOA ARB Policies and Procedures Manual can be found on our documents page.

Architectural Review Board Members
  Chairperson                                                     - Alex Ciani (345-5486)
  Vice Chairperson                                            Kathy Ceruti    (816-5064)
  Secretary/Treasurer (non-voting member) -      Staci Gregg (600-5636)

Neighborhood Representatives
  Club Pointe
        Kathy Ceruti    (816-5064)
        Brenda Cosker (843-609-8913)
  Fairway Oaks
        Theresa Grabiner (803-606-5558)
  Fairway Ridge
        Joanne Lownes (712-828-0397)
  Overlook Pointe
       Andy Ritter  (843-655-3382)
  Plantation Summit
        Jim Bloomer (904-588-8123)
        Art Viebrock (706-825-3904)
Timberlake mailboxes are uniform in design.  Contact Alex Ciani (ARB) for information.  Boland’s True Value Hardware Chapin, carries “Timberlake Green” paint if you need to repair/paint your mailbox.  If you are building a new home your mailbox is included in your application fee and will be delivered to you.
Hank Lees at 634 Timberlake Drive in Club Pointe builds all of the TPOA mailboxes.  Hank also repairs existing mailboxes.  You can reach Hank at 803-944-4926 or hankleesjr@gmail.com.

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