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Emergency Numbers:  
Emergency: Dial 911
Fire Station – Chapin 911: 345-5185

For Non-Emergency Police support call Lexington County Sheriff's Department Dispatch - 800-941-0224 - press '1' for Dispatch Center to report an incident or have a deputy respond
Donall Stoudemire 785-0173
Call 911 for dispatch

South Carolina Highway Patrol
SCE&G: 345-5106
Chapin Water & Sewer: 345-2444
Bell South (repair): 780-2355
Time Warner Cable: 252-2253
Southland Sanitation: 256-7276
Chapin Timberlake (weather station located in Timberlake Estates)
Chapin Schools:  
Elementary School - 345-2214
Middle School - 345-1466
Chapin High School - 345-2246
 School District 5 - 732-8000  
Recycling Center Westwood Drive:
General Waste Management Info: 755-3325
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: - 7:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 3:00pm – 7:00pm
Town of Chapin
Town of Chapin Government 345-2444
Chapin Chamber of Commerce 345-1100
A History of Chapin
Post Office: 345-5531
Chapin Library: 345-5479
Crooked Creek Recreation Center: 345-6181
County Government:  
Lexington County Website
Lexington County Property Tax Information
Lexington County Animal Control Ordinance
Lake Murray / South Carolina:  
Lake Murray Home Owners Coalition
Lake Murray Watch
Lake Murray Association
South Carolina Info Directory
 Lake Murray History  
Lake Murray Lake Murray 'area' maps
Newspaper - The State
 Lake Murray Fishing  Irmo/Chapin Recreation Commission
Chapin Community Thearte
Riverbanks Zoo
 Crooked Creek
Timberlake Golf Course - Pro Shop: 345-9909
 Timberlake Country Club
General Interest Sites:  
All  about Columbia, SC  How Stuff Works  
 Timberlake Estates Website
Political Links:
South Carolina U.S. Senate - Jim DeMint
 South Carolina U.S. Senate - Lindsey Graham
 South Carolina Congressional District 2 - Joe Wilson