Directors are elected by Neighborhood, with Club Pointe and Plantation Summit having two Directors each, and Fairway Ridge/Overlook Pointe and Fairway Oaks have one Director each. The Association elections are held each November for the election of 3 Directors. Positions on the board are two-year terms.

The first year of a term a Director will serve as a junior member of the Board, and the second year of a term as a senior member. This facilitates a year overlap of junior and senior members to enhance the continuity of the Associations business and provides experienced members on each Board Committee.

The Chairperson of the Architecture Review Board (ARB) is elected by the Association Members-at-large and is elected to a two-year term every other November. The Chairperson is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.

Current TPOA Board Members:

  • Chairperson of the Board                            Michelle Nalley     803-622-4200     
    • Plantation Summit
  • Chairperson Common Grounds                     Don Coleman     412-849-2589 
    • Fairway Oaks
  • Vice Chairperson Common Grounds              
    • Fairway Ridge/Overlook Pointe
  • Chairperson Legal Committee -                     Kimberly Ameer   803-603-0305
    • Club Pointe
  • Vice Chairperson Legal Committee                Ryder Thompson    843-860-9821
    • Club Pointe
  •  Chairperson Social Committee                      Tanya Calvin      803-467-5124    
    • Plantation Summit         
  • ARB (non-voting member)                            Alex Ciani       803-345-5486
    • Fairway Ridge
  • Secretary/Treasurer (non-voting member)     Staci Gregg       803-600-5636
    • Plantation Summit
If you think there are items the Board should take into consideration for our community Goals and Objectives, Please contact us and provide us with your thoughts and ideas, Thank You.